Porsche GT and GT3

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged. I’ve just been getting caught up with life. Anyway, I’m back… and I’ve got some awesome things to share.

IMG 4182

When I went into the dealership to pick up my car this morning, one of the techs pulled me aside and invited me to check out the Porsche GT in their shop. What a stunning vehicle. She explained that the car was actually difficult to work on—first, the GT has to be lifted differently b/c of the shape of its chassis and it’s rear weight bias. Any maintenance requires body panels to be removed and parts to be disassembled.

Also, while I was at the dealership, I saw a GT3 for $85k. And it’s something that could be within reach. One day!

IMG 4177

IMG 4179

IMG 4178

Mark, I wish you were still here. You’d be probably egging me on to get that GT3. Hah!

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