RIP Mark Smith

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[Mark’s White GTS, and the Gray Carrera is mine)

It’s been nearly 2 weeks since Mark passed away. He knew me since I was born, and was probably one of the most influential people in my life. Mark was a prankster, petrol head, painter and mentor… but most of all, I considered him a friend.

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I’ve known him my whole life and I can say that I’m a better, stronger and more competitive person knowing him. He gave me my first lemon (as a practical joke), he gave me my first fly rod (which I still have today), he gave me my first job as a designer and gave me my first nick name–“meat ball”. He was a generous person, and showed how one could give more than what they took.

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He inspired me to do seal team pt, jujitsu, cycling and race Porsches. And when we weren’t hanging out, we were pen pals, sharing our latest adventures through emails and photos. I’m glad we had so much time together… But I just wish we had just a little more time, just so I could tell him how much of an awesome friend he was and how much impact he had on me.

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[Picture courtesy of Circle S Studio]

Mark Smith, you’re my hero and I’ll miss you buddy. My thoughts are with your family. I’ll be stopping by this weekend in Richmond to pay my respects.

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