Cars and Coffee

IMG 4289

This is a perfect platform to strip down and track a car. Gotta love the old M3’s.

IMG 4290

350Z with carbon hood.

IMG 4291

Carrera S with a GT3 body kit. I’d love to do this to my car… but I think I’m leaning towards saving up for a 911 turbo instead in the future.

IMG 4292

M3 with the V8 engine. Gotta love the lines… but I prefer a more neutral color.

IMG 4295

2002 ti BMW. Gotta love the design.

IMG 4296

New 2015 M3. It’s a huge sedan now. I wonder how it drives with the turbocharged 6 cylinder.

IMG 4297

Interior of the M3.

IMG 4299

Old school Jaguar. What a beautiful design.

IMG 4301

And then the most insanely modded car of the day…

IMG 4303

This guy put a lot of money and time into this car.

IMG 4304

I mean, seriously.

IMG 4305

Look at that interior. That is probably one of the most elegant things I’ve seen in a while.

IMG 4306

Even the gas cap is custom.

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