Watches: Jaeger-LeCoultre vs. Rolex vs. Omega

IMG 4391

I tried on a couple of watches with Annie for fun. The Rolex is pretty much the over-the-top, overpriced watch… but boy, it looks clean. No wonder the Submariner has been copied so many times.

IMG 4388

Omega’s version, the Sea Master, is a nice diver watch. It pretty much has the same look as the Submariner, except there’s an additional dial. It’s half the price and does the same thing.

IMG 4393

Okay, this isn’t a diver watch, but I personally like the Jaeger-LeCoulre. It just looks sharp, and is so thin. I’m amazed by how well they hold their value.

Too rich for my blood right now… but it’s cool to test drive. ^_^

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