Rustico in Ballston

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So Annie and I metro’d out to Balston to try out a restaurant called Rustico, recommended by 2 of my friends.

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For starters, we ordered some lamb meat balls. The tomato sauce was actually really good. As a dish, it was pretty good… but then again, it’s just a fancy meat ball. For something that small, I think they should have gone with stronger flavors.

IMG 4514

We saw everyone order pizza, so we tried out one as well. The one we ordered was really salty and lacked sauce. We also ordered scallops—they were good, but lacked acidity. It needed a touch of lemon—nonetheless, they were good.

For the price, it’s a little high. It was fun to go out and try new things, but it’s probably not worth the additional cost of metro admission. If I were to go there again, I’d order their plain $15 cheese/basil pizza and split it between two people. That seems like a good value, and seems to be their sweet spot on the menu. I bet their do a good lunch as well, based on their photos from Yelp.

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To finish things off, we tried out FroZenYo. ^_^

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