Toki Classic Ramen at Toki Underground

IMG 4549 copy

Recommended to me by two friends… Toki Underground is supposed to be an exceptional place for a bowl of Ramen.

The bowl of ramen was decent, but nothing exceptional. Being asian, I have eaten my share of noodles, so I had very high expectations for this experience. For starters, the broth and braised mea… way too salty. In addition to the salt, the broth had a thick epidermis of fat hovering at the top. You can see it in the photo.

I could go on about the noodles being slightly overcooked and the egg underdone, but I’d sound like a food snob. Overall, it was decent and filling. For the price of $12 per bowl, it seemed a little high, especially when you add the metro and uber cab… not to mention the hour wait.

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