Photos of Jack and Jada

I figured I’d share some photos of Jack and Jada. I was playing around with my camera, and it turns out that my old 17-55mm f2.8 DX lens performs pretty darn well on my D600. There’s a little distortion, but I actually kind of like it. I was going to sell off the lens, but I might actually keep it now. Unfortunately, it only really works from 35-55mm. Once you drop down to 28mm, the vignetting gets a little extreme.

Jack, waiting for food.

DSC 2120

Jada needs a bath.

DSC 2127

Jack is too big for his bed.

DSC 2139

Jack at 55mm f2.8.

DSC 2162

Jada at 85mm f1.8.

DSC 2160

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