Thanksgiving Weekend with My Fam

We drove down friday night to hang out with my family. Here’s a medley of photos from the weekend. Some of them turned out pretty nice!

This was a photo of Cody, Ned’s new dog. Cody is a malamute.

DSC 2015

He’s a super friendly dog.

DSC 2019

Not sure what kind of plant this is, but it looks cool.

DSC 2028

Wide angle sunset.

DSC 2047

Close up of Jack and Annie.

DSC 2083

This was probably my favorite photo of the evening. I can’t believe that this was shot with my 17-55mm f2.8 dx lens. I was going to sell it off, but I think I’m going to keep it. I’m actually starting to like the distortion.

DSC 2095

Wide angle of the kitchen and dining table.

DSC 2103

Went for a walk with my dad and the dogs.

DSC 2144

He took me down a secret path.

DSC 2146

Pic of the river house from a distance.

DSC 2152

Pic from up close.

DSC 2179

And another sunset.

DSC 2199

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