Thursday Thought: What You’re Worth

Don’t let anyone tell you how much you’re worth. -Dad

From time to time, my dad shares some pretty awesome words of wisdom with me. This one was one of my favorites.

4 thoughts on “Thursday Thought: What You’re Worth

  1. Meeting people from the internet? Sure.. no problems at all. I have a LOT of phaoogrtpher friends I now know from various sites and podcasts. I also met my wife of 15 years (upcoming) on AOL way back when…I only wish I had known about this beforehand. Quakertown is a SHORT cycle ride for me and I could have easily popped over.

  2. Luis disse:Pra mim o FX poderia já ter acabado:1) Se o FHC tivesse mais tempo de mandato ou o processo de escolha, durante o seu mandato, não tivesse se arrastado algumas vezes.2) Se o Lula tivesse continuado o processo de onde o FHC parou.Segundo especulações da época, seria Gripen na cabeça!

  3. Your dress is fab, such a great pattern and colours!Razors four for a pound show me the way baby! I am much better with the amount of money I spend on facial products now…I used to be at the Lancome counter all the time. Silly waste of money. xx

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