35mm f1.4g

So I pulled the trigger on another lens for my kit—a 35mm 1.4g, preowned on craigslist. I’m having a little regret because the lens is: a) Freaking expensive, and b) it’s really close to the field of view to my 24mm 1.4g. My goal was to add another lens to my kit every year… so here we are!

The good news is that I picked up the lens for such a good deal that I could probably use it for a year or two and sell it for the same price.


(24mm f1.4 pictured above) After looking at all the photos I shot over the last year with my 24mm 1.4, I realized that I hardly shot photos of people. I realize now that the 24mm is great for shooting landscapes, astrophotography, semi macro photography (like food), architecture, indoor spaces, animals and children. Unfortunately, when you take pictures of an adult with a 24mm, it adds too much distortion and makes the photo look tense and surreal. Photos almost feel like they’re stills pulled out of a Stanley Kubrick movie.


(35mm f1.4 pictured above) I felt like I wanted a lens that could really capture my day to day life. And to be honest, I want more photos of the people around me. I had the choice of a 35mm or 50mm… and I went with the 35mm because it just has such a cinematic feel. I think it’s great for capturing candids of people. There’s still a little distortion when you get up close… but for the ultra close ups, thats where you use a 85mm.

Anyway, you’ll be seeing more photos from the 35mm f1.4. Stay tuned!

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