Xmas at the Wong’s

I’m just getting caught up on blogging. I’ve posted most of these photos on other social media, but I figure I might as well document them here too. Better late than never. Heh.


This christmas, my mom made a delicious turkey with stuffing.


I’m not sure how she does it, but it gets better and better every year.


And my dad does the honors of carving it up.


Jack waits patiently, as usual. I love this little guy, but he’s become a food monster.


I’m not supposed to drink, but I will make exceptions for this occasion.


I’ve been saving this bottle of Moet for a special occasion that Jim gave me as a farewell gift from AddThis.


Thanks Jim. Cheers!


Everyone prepping for dinner.


Thankfully, I had an old tripod my dad gave me from years ago. As much as I wanted to sell this one off and get a new one, it still came in handy!


Last but not least, my mom made a delicious home made pecan pie. This was made with love, and tasted delicious! What a wonderful way to celebrate Christmas.

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