Photography in the Family


My dad always talked about his father handing down a large format camera. I never saw it until recently, and it’s a really incredible piece.


What you see here is a Zeiss Ikon, 120mm large format camera. It’s in excellent condition, and it’s just so compact. What’s amazing is that it feels smaller than my Nikon D610.


Here’s a photo of my dad’s Nikon F2 next to his dad’s camera. There’s a part of me that wants to upgrade my camera body at some point and get some Leica lenses. Maybe at some point, I’ll pick up that Sony A7RII in the future and snag a f.95 noctilux on there. #GOALS


What’s crazy is that I learned photography on my dad’s camera. It’s bonkers that I’m actually still using his lenses.


Oooh… I’d like this to be a part of the trio of cameras in our family. I love my D600, but it’s bulky, and acts up every once and a while.


Oh man, Sony really got it right with this one.

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