Andromeda Galaxy


Here’s a photo Annie and I shot of the Andromeda Galaxy last night. I was using my dad’s old 135mm f3.5… and the humidity took away some contrast… But overall, it’s a step in the right direction.

Oh yeh, the image was stacked using 18 photos shot at around ISO 256,000. There was a ton of noise, but by aligning, stacking and doing a median filter, I was able to get a cleaner image. It’s bonkers what software can do now-a-days. A couple of clicks, and bada-bing, a noise-free image.

I kind of wish I had a newtonian telescope with a star tracker. Oh could you imagine how sweet some of these photos would turn out?? One day… one day. ^_^

Hopefully we’ll get another clear this evening—I’m looking forward to grabbing a couple more snaps.

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