Cycling Accident Update


Photo of my CT scan.

First off, thank you everyone for all the messages, emails, text messages, and comments. The support has been amazing and I really appreciate it. I’m still a little behind on replying to messages and making phone calls. It’s been a hectic week between trying to recover and visiting doctors.

I wanted to give everyone an update—It’s been a week since my bicycle accident and I’m feeling my better. The good news is that the swelling around my eyes has reduced dramatically, so I can see normally again. As for my lip, it’s still swollen and it’s been a challenge to eat. I’ve stuck to mostly soft foods and liquids over for the time being.

Overall, I’ve made a pretty decent recovery. I got my stitches out (which was f’n painful), I picked up my bike yesterday (which seems to have taken very little damage), and I made a couple trips to the dentist to see what my options were to fix my teeth.

CT scan of my teeth.

I visited a dentist, endodontist and an oral surgeon to determine the damage of my teeth. Right now there’s a chip on front incisor and broke my lateral incisor down to the gum line. They said it’s possible to salvage the teeth by performing root canal, adding a post and crowning them. There seems to be nerve damage, so this will be my best choice.

Another view from the CT scan of my teeth.

I talked to one of my family friends in virginia, and it looks like they might be able to help me out the next time I’m there. I’m hoping that I can get all of this fixed soon. I definitely feel a mind numbing pain (similar to a brain freeze) every time I drink something cold. I’m assuming the nerve damage in my teeth have something to do with that.

I’ll post photos of my recovery in a few weeks. I look much better than before, but my face is still a wreck. *sigh*

Ps. I wanted to thank Annie for coming by to California to take care of me. I think I was able to heal much faster physically and mentally having that support here with me every day.

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  1. Terri and I are glad you are improving each day. Keep a positive outlook because you will get better in the near future. Please send your parents and Annie our best.
    We’re planning to visit SF this summer for a week in August.

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