Renewed for 7 more years

I was debating whether I should renew my domain. It’s been a while since I’ve shared anything on my blog. I’ve been spending most of my time posting on instagram instead.

My site domain was supposed to expire in another week or two, and I was very tempted to let it die. But for some reason, I decided to renew it for another 7 years. Maybe it’s because it’s a good platform for me to continue sharing. I’m not sure who’s watching anymore, but for those of of you who continue to check now-and-then, thanks for coming back.

My goal is not to generate a ton of traffic or go viral. I think this acts a personal journal for me to go back and review things from time to time of my journey. It gives me a chance to reflect on things, on myself, and about the people around me. Perhaps that’s enough purpose for now to justify keeping it around—to simply put some of my experiences and thoughts into words.

For now, I’ll use as a whiteboard to share my unabridged stream of thoughts.

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