Two New Additions

To the left is Pepper, and to the right is Taro. These two new kittens are an addition to our home and will be introduced to Noodle soon. And if you don’t know Noodle, she’s our other cat that’s 3 years old. 🙂

I wasn’t a huge fan of cats a long time ago—probably because I got clawed by one in the head, but I’ve grown to really appreciate them. Over the years, I started to understand cats a little better, through Annie’s family cats (Noodle, Ellie, Sophie and Mango). And by understanding their behavior, I’m able to empathize with them more.

These two little critters really spoke to us when we first saw them a few weeks ago. Most people would try to adopt the kittens separately, but these two had already bonded as siblings. They pretty much do everything together—eat, sleep, play, and even poop together.

After having them in the house for the last week, I’ve can tell that they’re going to be great little members to the family. We’re currently getting them prepared to integrate with Noodle—this process will probably take us a few weeks. As I research more about cats, I’ve learned that they are very territorial, and the most important thing to do is go slow and let them get used to one another’s scent. So far, the process is going very well (and slow).

As you can see, Taro (left) and Pepper (right) love to do everything together. They’re such sweethearts and we’re really lucky to have them now.

I think in this entire process, I’ve learned something special about people who foster rescue animals. They have to make the ultimate sacrifice—to give the animals up to other people. The foster mom had to say good bye to these two kittens, which we could tell she loved very much. She knew that they were going to be adopted by good people that would provide a forever home for them, but I could still tell that she had to give up some of herself when letting them go.

I hope that the foster mom can follow them on this blog and our instagram feeds. These two kittens are special, and we can tell that they have been given so much love already. I can see they growing a little more each day and they’re little bundles of cuteness and joy.

Oh yeh, they also love the laser. They’re little hunters and are like little heat seeking missiles when we play with the laser pen. To make sure they don’t get too frustrated, I always finish off their play time with the feather toy so they can catch it. Cats tend to get frustrated when they can’t actually catch their prey, so I make sure that they have a good healthy session that ends with a satisfying catch at the end.

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