7 Days Remaining

I’m sitting on a mattress on a floor, typing, legs crossed, with practically no lights other than the ambient light from my laptop and some christmas lights in a couple of jars on my window sill. It’s almost appropriate that I’m spending my last week almost in the same way that I originally came to california in 2015.

Minimal. Efficient. Thinking of the future.

This won’t be the last time I’m in the Bay Area, but I will no longer be signing a lease out here. And, frankly I’m pretty exhausted of travelling, moving, and thinking about where I’m going to live every year. It was a good run here, and I’m thankful for all the memories, the people, and the wonderous views of the pacific ocean.

Living here has felt like urban camping. As each year passed, I collected more creature comforts, but I realize I don’t need half the stuff I currently have to be happy. There is something beautiful about living minimally—though, at the extreme, it actually takes more energy (mentally and physically). As I packed up all my stuff over the last 2 weeks, I’ve carefully wrapped each thing one by one. I wasn’t able to fit everything in my car, but I’m okay with that.

I folded down the seats of my GTI, added a padded cloth and covered the sideboards and any exposed surfaces with bubble wrap. The largest Item in the lot was my electric bike, Hanah and Kevin helped me partially disassemble so that it could fit in the car.

I my folding desk, used aeron chair, folding chair, monitor, VR gear, kick scooters, and more… carefully squeezed into the car. It’s impressive how much you can fit inside these little hatchbacks.

I’ve opted to have my car shipped (via an enclosed transport) back to maryland. I hope that nothing gets damaged along the way. I’ve done my best to package and wrap things. I even added additional cardboard to help prevent any damage to the interior of the car if it gets jossled around during the trip back.

I took a bed cover to hide the contents inside. I really hope I can get this in the enclosed transport this week. While it’s in the garage right now, I constantly worry about my car being broken into. You may think I’m paranoid, but I know people who have had their bikes and things stolen from within private closed garages around here. No joke.

7 more days until I’m back on the east coast. But more importantly, I won’t have to pay for a lease over here or all the additional costs that come with it. There’s a part of me that wants to stay here, but financially, it doesn’t make sense.

Plus, there’s just something weird about the vibe in California right now. For example, as I was packing my car outside (the the garage door open), and an old woman walks by and asked me what day it was. I told her it was the 17th, to which she asked “what day was it… like thursday, friday?”. I was somewhat confused, but I told her it was sunday. I thought she was joking for a moment, but I could tell that she was serious and she had lost track of the days. I could see the stress lines on her cheek bones, and the tension in her shoulders as she walked. She really didn’t know what day it was.

I guess, I can empathize… but I know that by this time next week, I’ll be on the other coast enjoying a nice dinner with Annie and hanging out with the cats.

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