T-minus 18 Hours

In 18 hours, I’ll be on a flight back to Maryland. I couldn’t say farewell to everyone in person, but hopefully they know that I wanted to stop by.

I was lucky enough to see Joe and Justin one last time yesterday evening. It was refreshing to spend time with old friends.

Some people asked me if it feels bittersweet. To be honest, I’m just bitter that I had to pay for a place that I couldn’t really use over the last year. I’m looking forward to not paying double for living expenses.

Even though it’s been 3 weeks, time has flown by. I’ve spent my time packing, cleaning, working, and prepping for tomorrow. The good news is that I was able to take back almost everything with me except a few items that hopefully my roommate (David) can find useful.

I’ll be checking in two luggages tomorrow, and I’ll take my bookbag with me on the plane. It’s going to be a long flight with a layover. But I’ve done it all before, so I’ve got it down to a science.

The only thing that remains is picking up my car from the transport sometime this coming week. Hopefully, it’s unscathed from its 3000 mile trek. At that point, it’s done.

I took a couple of photos as reminders of this place. I’ve never considered it home, but I’ll miss my people and the panoramic views.

For now, it’s time to order some food and enjoy one final dinner here. I was going to just heat up some canned food, but I think that’s a weak sauce way to wrap things up. The last meal needs to be special. I could go for some udon. Heh.

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