After seeing a story of the Glenstone museum on one of my buddy’s IG stories, I added it to the bookmarks of places I wanted to visit in Maryland when my schedule opened up a little. And as fate would write it, I happened to check the Glenstone calendar last week in the morning on a whim, and there was a single appointment available that day, while the entire calendar for the next 3 months was completely booked. So I took the opportunity to check it out that friday afternoon with Annie.

The museum is actually a combination of art, architecture and beautiful landscaping. As we traversed to the gardens, we found ourselves immersed in a beautiful hike that incorporated experience design (with sound) and exhibits. It was inspirational, relaxing, and helped us reach our daily step count.

Photography was prohibited inside the museum, but some of the pieces were very special. It’s interesting that the architecture was almost more inspiring—there was a deck built on top of a small man made pond in the center of the museum, enclosed by glass. This was probably my favorite moment.

In many ways, this reminded me a little of california, with all the micro-climates and everchanging bioms. I’m hoping to go back there soon to explore it a little more. It was a lovely experience that I recommend to anyone who’s in the neighborhood.

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