Message in a Bottle

I started blogging over a decade ago, and I never had a real goal with it. It’s been on and off for years… mostly off… but as I look back on my content, I realize that it’s been useful as a journal, to capture a small snapshot of where my life was. If anything, I think I wish that I documented my life a little more here.

Recently, I’ve felt very fatigued with social media. I’m most exhausted with Twitter (as it’s become the most toxic stream, causing anxiety with the most annoying personalities polluting my feed with useless news and brags). It’s nice to see updates from family and friends on as well as inspirational design/art on Instagram, but I’m not sure how much value it adds in terms of consumption. I think the biggest challenge is expression, creation and sharing. There’s something that doesn’t quite feel right with the current social media mediums. Maybe it’s the allure of micro-validation? I can post pictures of what I’m eating, how I’m working out, and small things that catch my attention so I can stay in touch with my friends and family.

But then again, I can proably do all of that here. The only thing I lose is the convenience of publishing out to IG/FB. Also, I have no clue who’s really reading this posts… but I guess that doesn’t matter. What I realize is that I’m probably not really a content creator building an audience.

I’m just writing little updates and unstructured thoughts, stuffing them in a bottle, and tossing them into the ocean of the interwebz to find later.

So the photo above is completely disconnected with this topic… but I’m going to tie it all back together (I promise). I shot this photo this morning using IG stories. I didn’t really add any context other than it’s a basic photo of some blueberries and dahlias. What you don’t know is that I’ve been trying to eat healthier and reclaim a little more time back to myself. But in the process of doing that, I’m still probably using IG/FB too much, which is the irony of how I’m using my time. My attention is spread too thin; or rather, I’ve given up too much of my attention to the wrong places. I’d probably get more out of just doing a video call to catch up with friends and see how they’re doing, and maybe plan a trip to visit them.

We can eat blueberries together and actually enjoy life together versus stare at a little OLED screen.

I think that’s my message in a bottle to myself. Hopefully I can find this again in the future.

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