Happy Birthday Charlie!

A little tribute to our fearless leader, Charlie Reverte. On Facebook, his birthday was monday… we all really know today is his real birthday.

DSC 2265

While his title is VP & GM of Publisher products, he’s a friend to all bears.

DSC 2259

He’s got a passion for robots, racing, and all things geeky.

DSC 2272

He’s also a fast talker. 140 characters per second, in fact.

DSC 2277

By the way, did you know he raced sailboats? What does this guy *not* do? Hah!

DSC 2279

And Charlie’s favorite quote:

If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up people to collect wood and don’t assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea. -Antoine de Saint-Exupery

The Desks of AddThis

Figured it would be fun to show some of the desks in the office at AddThis.

DSC 2222

That’s my desk. I can probably simplify it a little.

DSC 2225

There’s Foo’s desk.

DSC 2223

Gordon Ramsey once said, “Clean kitchen, clean food”.

DSC 2224

I guess a lot can be said about how one operates with a messy desk and desktop.

DSC 2226

I like the christmas lights. Someone’s in the right spirit.

DSC 2227

Funny how we’re still using desk phones. I totally forgot they existed.

DSC 2228

Multiple monitors.

DSC 2229

Jim’s standing desk.

DSC 2230

Multi monitor setup. I guess the vertical screen helps with spreadsheets.

DSC 2231

Marty’s custom multi monitor setup.

DSC 2232

Collin’s standing desk. I like how he’s set everything up at eye level.

DSC 2235

Okay, this takes the cake.

DSC 2236

Okay, this is more reasonable.

DSC 2237

Magic cards are making a come back.

DSC 2238

The minimal setup.

DSC 2240

Okay, this is another insane desk. It’s like a college dorm. Lol.

DSC 2242

And this desk is literally next to the last one.

Anyway, it’s pretty interesting to see how people work and think. What does your work desk look like?