Oracle Acquires AddThis

At last an exit! My previous company (AddThis) just announced that they’re in the process of being acquired by Oracle.

I just wanted to take a moment to congratulate the AddThis/Clearspring team. I also wanted to give a high five to all the alumni as well.

I remember when AddThis was acquired by Clearspring in 2008. Here’s my original blog post. Photos from the 2009 holiday party. Here are some pictures of some folks from 2010. Oh yeh, and here’s a pic of Dom back in 2010 as well. Here’s the a 2015 kick off. When we went go karting. And the original GB9000.

I’d like to thank the AddThis/Clearspring team for hiring me back on October 6th, 2007. It’s been an epic chapter in my life, and I will always be grateful for all the friends I made on that ride. As a designer, I’m really proud to have designed for a product that reaches billions of people.

Way to kick off 2016. This is going to be a great year.

2015 AddThis Hackathon

Usually, I have some idea of what I want to do for hackathon… but this time, I was so busy, I didn’t have a chance to pull anything together ahead of time. I literally pitched the idea to the gang at the last possible minute. And somehow, a team of 1 miraculously became a team of 6.

That’s a pic of Mike cranking away below—he’s a rock star. He just started working for AddThis a couple days ago, and he was one of the core devs that built our hackathon demo. I’m just so impressed by our team.


The process was refreshing, and surprisingly simple. We had a basic idea of what we wanted to do, I prototyped it, we tested the concepts with users, and then we built everything in a day.

Everything about this hackathon was positive and went smoothly. Here are some photos of other teams and their projects.


There’s Behnaz’s team putting together a living wall installation. It appears to be a box with plants, in the shape of the AddThis logo. Typically, hackathons are regarded as an engineering event, but our company has embraced all good ideas and extended the event to all people and disciplines.


Here’s a pic of Jim and Mike taking on a huge cross team hackathon project. In fact, they had the largest hackathon team in the history of AddThis—13 people.

That’s an entire tribe! Hah! Kudos to them—they won both the “most popular” award and CEO award.


That’s Ben performing singing/rapping a song (over Biggie’s “Hypnotize”) about AddThis. By far, it was one of the most creative and ballsy things I’ve seen anyone do here in a while. I definitely voted for his performance.


Hackathons are one of my favorite times here. I still remember my first project here—”Ask Foo”. It almost feels like yesterday. While it’s nice to solve hard problems, it’s sometimes nice to play around, cut through any process, and get back to the heart of building stuff in an outlaw-hackerish way.


I’d love to talk about the project in more detail, but it sounds like we may package it into something bigger. Sorry for the cliff hanger. Stay tuned for more.

I can tell you this, my team wants to release it to the public right now. They’ve gone as far as registering a domain and packaging it up as native mobile apps. Thanks to the team for appointing us with the UX Hackathon Award. We worked hard to keep things as simple as possible.

Big hat tip to Dave, Mike, Foo, Kirk, Will and Sammi on pulling it all together. Let’s go out and celebrate boys.


2015 AddThis Kickoff

Last night after all the kick off meetings, we had a company dinner at Sakura’s.

2015 panoramic

This is a stitched panorama of the party. Looks like people had a great time.

DSC 3597

A picture of Josh and the gang, enjoying some hibachi.

DSC 3638

Dave was 50% catch ratio. Not bad!

DSC 3640

Here are the young bloods toasting to a great year.

DSC 3644

Look at these trouble makers.

DSC 3646

And the pic of the evening goes to Steve Donnelly.

DSC 3652

It’s crazy to see how things have grown.

DSC 3658

We’re getting to a size that I don’t know every single person. I guess photography helps me introduce myself—getting to know everyone is part of the job.

DSC 3664

And there’s Jake. He was so shy.

DSC 3667

And the product and marketing folks that make AddThis sing.

DSC 3670

I know this picture is grainy, but I had to get a picture of the 3 wise men.

DSC 3673

What a fantastic team. Looking forward to big things in 2015.

Happy Birthday Carol

Happy Birthday Carol! Here are some photos of everyone gathering to celebrate.

DSC 3294

Charlie was thoughtful enough to pick up some flowers as well.

DSC 3297

Everyone singing happy birthday for Carol.

DSC 3298

Carol gives a quick toast to everyone. Good times.

AddThis Town Hall

2014 was a great year. Sounds like we’ll be growing our team next year.

DSC 2339

Photo of Rich presenting to the team.

DSC 2347

Should be an interesting year. Growth is always hard—scaling systems, culture, and keeping an eye on revenue/spend.

DSC 2362

This town hall was a little different—there were no slides in the preso.

DSC 2355

It’s nice to shake things up from time to time.