Would you watch a video series about remote work?

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I’ve been kicking around an idea about creating a short video series (or blog posts) that dive into remote work, the lifestyle, etc. I wanted to interview remote workers to explore and unpack some of the following questions:

  • What tools work/don’t work (ie. Slack, Asana, Email, Google Docs, etc.)
  • What are problems that haven’t been solve yet for remote workers and companies?
  • How do you build culture around a team that’s remote? (ex. how do you take a coffee break together and bond?)
  • How do you manage people?
  • What do you look for when hiring people that want to work remotely?
  • How do you work asynchronously, with different time zones?
  • Can you build a start-up or creative team remotely? Is it realistic (considering that the odds are already working against you)?
  • How important is it to have face time and on-site presence?
  • Where do you work (home, cafe, co-working)?
  • What do you do with all the extra time not commuting?
  • Is it reasonable for SF/NYC employers to adjust salaries based on remote location/living costs?
  • How do you find, recruit/hire remote people: Job postings, through networks, blog, interview process?
  • Which companies are doing this the best (and are successful)? (ie. automattic, invision, etc) Would you work for them?
  • Is there a playbook that other companies can follow/fork, or does each company have to start this from scratch each time?

This is just a passion project I’ve been kicking around with Sol and I wanted to get a sense of the interest out there. Would you want to watch/read/listen to a series on this? Would you be interested in being part of the series? and are there any questions you would want answered?

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Just to give you context, I’ve been jamming with a team that’s exclusively remote for the last year. I personally prefer working with people (with a whiteboard), but I totally understand why remote work is the future. San Francisco is expensive, and if the prices keep going up, people are going to be forced to move away. I’m not sure if I’m going make the video yet, but I wanted to run the idea by you—Let me know if the juice is worth the squeeze.

I was inspired by a series I watched recently called Minimalism on Netflix, and I thought that the same story could be told about remote work.

Ps. Also really liked the video that Matt D’Avella (the director) created about how he packs like a minimalist and his minimalist apartment.

My Commute to Work


My commute to work is roughly 30-40 minutes, and I just wanted to share some of the things I typically see.


The day starts with me walking to the bus stop. On my way there, I see the highway backed up with traffic.


And of course, an artsy photo of the fence for no reason at all. Look at that bokeh. ^_^


There’s an insane hill that I walk down to get to the bus stop.


Seriously insane.


This part of the neighborhood is kind of grimy, but there’s a softer side.


Lots of homeless folks live under this bridge. You’ll usually see them set up camp with a full set up.


Another artsy photo. Check out that sharpness. ^_^


Here’s my bus stop. It’s kind of nasty… I really don’t like to think about what all the black stuff is on the ground, surrounding the area.


I typically take the 9 or 9R into the city.


Typically I don’t get a seat for the first half of the ride, and then somewhere along the way some spots open up. Unfortunately, there are usually crazy people on the bus in the morning. *sigh*


Here’s the path I take to get to work.


And this is what my stop looks like. There you have it—my daily commute. Some days I’ll take in an Uber if I’m running little behind… and hopefully in the future I can ride in on my boosted board. ^_^