Photos from the Riverhouse

Last weekend I spent some time testing out the 24mm f1.4. It clearly has its advantages for low light landscapes.

I’ll probably have to get a 14mm f2.8 at some point, but for now, I’m going to try living with the 24mm as my primary walk around lens.

Riverhouse scene

Mom Making Eggrolls

There’s two things I absolutely love—my mom, and her egg rolls. Here are some photos of her in the process of making them.

DSC 2686

I’m pretty sure I could eat them every day.

DSC 2684

And the crazy thing is that they keep getting better.

DSC 2685

It just boggles my mind. Anyone else hungry now?

Sunset at the River House

Here are some photos from the river house. I’m really starting to dig the 24mm and shooting at F16. I’m amazed by how sharp the photos came out.

Sunset at the riverhouse

I’m tempted to try shooting with an ND filter and doing a long exposure. I bet the water would look like glass.

Holiday Astrophotography

I was testing out some lenses this weekend, and doing a little astrophotography. These were shot with a 24mm f1.4 on a full frame.

Jeffwong xmas astrophotography

The image on the left was created from 10 stacked photos, shot vertically. The image on the right was stitched to create a vertical panoramic view.

I also tested some photos with the legendary 14-24mm f2.8 as well. I’ll post some pics up soon.

AddThis Town Hall

2014 was a great year. Sounds like we’ll be growing our team next year.

DSC 2339

Photo of Rich presenting to the team.

DSC 2347

Should be an interesting year. Growth is always hard—scaling systems, culture, and keeping an eye on revenue/spend.

DSC 2362

This town hall was a little different—there were no slides in the preso.

DSC 2355

It’s nice to shake things up from time to time.

Possible Thieves in Tysons II

I went to a company party tonight and noticed there was a couple driving around doing something very suspicious. A man and women were driving around the parking lot of Tysons II as though they were trying to find a parking spot. Then I saw a girl hop out of the Land Rover and started to check if cars were unlocked.

IMG 0372 2

Anyway, they did this a couple of times, and I assumed they were trying to pull a quick one on folks who left their car doors unlocked.

IMG 0373 2

It was an old Green Land Rover Discovery. Anyway, I reported this to the security immediately and they were on it.

Make sure to lock your doors and don’t leave any valuables in your car this holiday. One of my coworkers had her car broken into yesterday because they left a present visible.