Cars and Coffee

IMG 4595

Classic Stingray

IMG 4596

Ultra low BRZ with ridiculous rear camber.

IMG 4597

BMW M Z-series

IMG 4598

NSZ next to a Ferrari. Man did Honda steal the lines.

IMG 4599

Supra for sale.

IMG 4600

Cool pick up.

IMG 4601

De Lorean.

IMG 4607

Lotus Elise.

IMG 4608

Two new GTRs.

IMG 4610

Not sure what this was.

IMG 4613


IMG 4626

Never seen this before either.

IMG 4627


M4 vs 911

Great summary. One of my buddies just swapped out his 991s lease with a M4. He said exactly the same thing. He loves the M4 but still longs for the weight distribution of the 911.

The rear weight bias came in handy yesterday—I was driving home last night from the mall, and a guy in a M3 convertible tailed me. He seemed a little douchebag-ish with his EDM blasting with the top down. Annie was like, “That guy is driving a little too close”. Anyway, we put plenty of distance after a right hand turn. The guy tried to follow, but he got dropped.

Toki Classic Ramen at Toki Underground

IMG 4549 copy

Recommended to me by two friends… Toki Underground is supposed to be an exceptional place for a bowl of Ramen.

The bowl of ramen was decent, but nothing exceptional. Being asian, I have eaten my share of noodles, so I had very high expectations for this experience. For starters, the broth and braised mea… way too salty. In addition to the salt, the broth had a thick epidermis of fat hovering at the top. You can see it in the photo.

I could go on about the noodles being slightly overcooked and the egg underdone, but I’d sound like a food snob. Overall, it was decent and filling. For the price of $12 per bowl, it seemed a little high, especially when you add the metro and uber cab… not to mention the hour wait.

Material Design with Instagram

A concept of how instagram would look like with material design by Emmanuel Pacamalan.

Material design is the next step in Google’s design evolution for Android. Also, some animations transitions may be too much but it just there to showcase what can be and to showcase separation of elements.

Watch Upgrade

IMG 4537

I just upgraded my watch this weekend from the Armani to a Swiss Army. Annie was playing around with the idea of getting a matching one—but we’ll hold off on that until later.

IMG 4530

I haven’t solidified which watch I want in the future. Right now, I’m definitely leaning towards a diver watch (like the Submariner).

IMG 4521

I definitely want a second hand as well as the date. The Swiss Army watch is nice, but it feels little bulky. I’m going to try wearing this for the next few weeks. Already, I’m not a huge fan of the way the clasp works.

California Pt.8: Driving with Patrick

IMG 3921

California has some of the best roads I have ever driven.

DSC 0375

They’re winding, scenic and go for miles.

DSC 0377

Highway 1 has to be one of the best roads in the US.

DSC 0389

Patrick showed us some of his favorite rides, and it was driving nirvana.

IMG 3916

The best part was trying to keep up with his crotch rocket in his S2000.