Cars and Coffee Pt.1, Porsches

I caught the end of a Cars and Coffee this weekend. I saw some pretty sweet stuff. Here are some highlights of the Porsches. It was really nice to see some classic 911 turbos show up.

911 classic turbo front

911 classic turbo back

911 classic turbo black

911 classic turbo closeup

And yeh, that’s a GT2. That is a legit super car. It’s a rare specie to see on the road.

911 gt2 front

911 gt2 back

English Teacher’s Response to Student’s Profane Letter


Pretty clever… but the teacher should inspire and encourage their students, not turn them off even further from writing.

It’d be like having a student walk out of a gym class, and the gym teacher starts doing 100 push ups in front of everyone… followed by saying, “do more push ups so you don’t look like a wimp”.

If anything, I feel like this is a failure, and it’s kind of sad to see.

Week 2 of Dieting

Yeh, I’m back on a diet. Going to try eating healthy. I tried a few years ago, but failed miserably. Fortunately, I was able to give up coke a year and a half ago.

Now it’s time to eat healthier and exercise more. I’ve been eating salads galore.


IMG 2807

IMG 2798

As well as seafood. Here’s a little salmon, potato and squash/zucchini.

IMG 2797

And last night, I had a little lobster, squash and salad.

IMG 2803

I definitely cheated when I went to dinner with Annie on sunday. I will note that I didn’t eat any of the biscuits, nor did I eat salad with dressing.

IMG 2800

Man, I used to be in such good shape. I just need to work my way back to it. Here’s a photo.