addthis shirt update.

finally got my tshirt in from spreadshirt. the print came out really nice. i’m very happy with the digital print transfer. not sure what the status is on my track jacket. hopefully that should come in sometime soon (considering that it’s freezing outside). simple shirt. what do you think?

here’s my original post.

3 thoughts on “addthis shirt update.

  1. Awesome job! Can’t wait to see the shirt. I’ve looked at Zazzle but it looks like SpreadShirt has a lot more options as far as t-shirts so thanks for this post. I’ve got a bunch of designs I want to get printed up.

  2. heheh. thanks!

    yeh, i’ve been impressed with spreadshirt… except my track jacket is still not shipped yet, and it’s been a week. hmmm. i may need to send them an email b/c they’ve already charged me. wonder what the hold up is!

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