sharing button comparison.

which one do you like best, and why? your feedback will help me alot. please comment. ^__^

addthis button.

Bookmark and Share

sharethis button.

add to any.


3 thoughts on “sharing button comparison.

  1. kind of interesting… the sharethis button caused the page to hang when it loaded. addthis loaded instantly.

  2. As far as first impression/visual layout, I like the first button the most. The second is too simple. The third is too busy. If I didn’t already know how to easily bookmark webpages, the third might have more appeal (since it let’s me know I can do it). As is though, it feels a bit cluttered. The font in the third does seem more playful/user friendly than that in the first. But, I still like the use of white space in the first.

    I like the pop-up from the third button the most. It’s cleaner and my options are more obvious. Again, I like the white space. (It does get a bit crazy though if I click to “show all.” I know the most popular options are at/towards the top of the list, but it otherwise seems like there’s no method to the madness. i.e., I don’t want to have to read through every option just to find/know there is a LiveJournal option, etc.. Kinda overwhelming.)

    Just my five cents though …

  3. thanks for the comments/feedback. this is actually very helpful. i’ll be posting more designs pretty soon. hopefully i can figure out a way to do some AB testing. it’s hard to design stuff on screen all the time without outside feedback.

    again, any feedback actually really helps me out… alot!! this is research i’m doing for my work. i’m hoping i can publish some of our results—stuff that’s not toooooo sensitive. ^__^

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