AddThis website refresh. Bigger and better.

We’ve made some enhancements to We’re moving really fast recently, so it’s been quick small steps in several directions. I feel like we’re covering alot of ground, so I’m extremely excited to see alot of our work go live. I just wanted to share some of the enhancements we’ve made in the last release.

800px wide to 960px wide. This means the analytics graphics and content will fill up your screen more. Larger graphs are nice. This also makes alot of the next gen design work much easier to implement since we have more real estate to work with.

12 column grid system. Before we were using a 3 column grid system, which was easy to use since we didn’t have much content. With a 12 column grid system, we’re able to visually organize the content better. It also gives us more flexibility. I’ve been using alot recently. also check out this site to learn more about the web grid system. I’ll probably blog about it in more detail later.

New simplified navigation. The navigation uses a more traditional nav bar, making it easier to scan the main menu items and manage your account. We’ve also added a search feature, making it easier for you to find information about any topic.

New footer. The new footer is pretty simple right now. It has quick links, blog snippits, and a promo spot. We’re redesigning the footer so that it’s a little more functional and blends in with the page a little better. I’m hoping to add a little twist of fun to it as well.

New swag store. You can now order your favorite AddThis gear. I wonder how many people will order a shirt. It’d be wonderful to see our brand grow and become embraced by the community like twitter.

Anyway, we have alot more stuff in the works. These are just a couple highlights of the design updates.

3 thoughts on “AddThis website refresh. Bigger and better.

  1. AddThis's new design is cool with perfect layout. New dashboard contains more services; more personalization; and more features than ever before. I use AddThis bookmarking module very often.

  2. Thanks for using AddThis. We're going constantly making refinements to make the design and experience better. Stay tuned—we've got some really good stuff coming soon!

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