david carson: design, discovery and humor.

“In this talk David Carson reminds us through a kind of show-and-tell that there are graphic design lessons all around us. There are some interesting issues here to think about in his talk and a few laughs. (Sidenote: I agree with him that there is a certain charm to 35mm slide projectors; I loved the clarity of the old slide images. But he starts off his talk by taking a shot at PowerPoint seemingly suggesting that the tool must always be used in a distracting fashion. Then he goes on to use PowerPoint exactly like an old slide projector, something even old slideware does very well. This was shot in 2003, however, when bad PowerPoint was just about the only kind you saw.)”

he’s actually one of my favorite photographers.

check out the full article at http://blog.ted.com/2009/01/the_road_to_dis.php

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