new addthis homepage design, clearly makes installing the button easier.

we’ve been doing some testing recently. one of the tests i’ve been really excited about is our homepage. here are the pages we tested, and the winner was clear. i can’t release the specific data, but let’s just say it’s clear what solution is easier for the user.

i can tell you this though, by reducing amount of clicks in the completion funnel will result in a higher completion in order of magnitudes. i know, duh. but, this is something that is hard and scary for alot of people to grasp. so, my recommendation is create a series of tests and place your bets.

imagine if each user only had one click, what would you want them do on your homepage? a couple questions i always ask myself now when i design:
· who is the audience?
· what is the purpose of this page?
· is it crystal clear what the user needs to ultimately do?
· where are the people coming from when the come this page?
· do we really have to create another page?
· if you can say in in one word, why say it in two?

here were the different designs we tested. check out the winner design.

tweak the knobs on the surfaces that get the highest volume of traffic. this will yield the best results for your product. in our case, we’re going to see a large spike. as a designer, i will typically vote for the prettier answer… but times have changed—design is so much more powerful when paired with data.

thanks to my team for executing the tests and providing data to help steer design. they’ve helped build a culture that has a beautiful balance of detailed measurement and blue sky innovation.

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