172 services integrated with AddThis… and counting.

We just integrated some new sharing and bookmark services into AddThis. And now, here’s what the entire list looks like. The interesting thing is that we’re moving into a bigger space. In some ways, AddThis is no longer just “sharing” and “bookmarking” pages. We now have services that enable users to translate a page, create image galleries, create videos channels, saving notes to google reader, and much more. Hooman’s vision (our CEO) is to be the “switchboard of the web”… and the image featured above, shows just that.

Since our service directory has grown, we’ve seen alot of new movers and shakers. Here’s what it looks like (above). These are the fastest growing in the last 30 days. I’m personally excited to see Tumblr in the this list… You guys should check out my porn links in my sidebar (they’re all tumblr pages).

You’ll notice Menéame, a spanish bookmarking site. It’s nice to see international sites getting more site traffic with our product. We’re noticing some huge growth with our international services.

As we grow, we want to be more transparent about our data. We want to share what we know with everyone. Our hope is that AddThis can help show different trends in social media and the world of sharing. Here’s a list of the top 20 services being used with AddThis globally (above).

What’s really interesting is seeing new services like Y!Mail, Gmail, and Viadeo (Similar to Linked-In… their HQ is in France) in our top 20—these are services that were added in the last month.

I would have thought Gmail would be higher than Y! Mail. Astonishing. The data doesn’t lie.

To help grow the AddThis Service Directory, we’ve added a simple way to suggest your favorite service if it’s not in our menu (above). Just do a search in our expanded menu. We’ve already received a ton of new submissions since this past tuesday.

If you’d like to see more AddThis data and social media trends, check out the AddThis Service Directory.

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