E-mailit.com copies AddThis to the pixel.

One of my coworker’s pointed out another AddThis knockoff… and it’s pretty shameless—they’ve copied some of the design elements down to the pixel. It’s one of my older designs, so I don’t really care… but I wanted to point out that he he literally screen snapped our header and button, and recycled it for his site.

His Header

AddThis Header

His Button (apparently he likes pink… hmmmm…)

AddThis Button

As you can see, I designed this way back in February, 2009.

Anyway, I was flattered. Well, back to work. We’ve got some innovative things coming soon, so I’m not worried. Hat tip: Foo

The website owner of Email-it.com has updated their header, shortly after my blog post. If you click on the comments, you’ll notice that he left me a couple of messages expressing how he felt offended by my post, and requested me to remove it. I respectfully declined, but promised to update the post with his updated header. He responded with some kind words, and was diplomatic.

As you can see, his new header looks much cleaner, and I like the design. I’m looking forward to his future designs, as we innovate the sharing space.