E-mailit.com copies AddThis to the pixel.

One of my coworker’s pointed out another AddThis knockoff… and it’s pretty shameless—they’ve copied some of the design elements down to the pixel. It’s one of my older designs, so I don’t really care… but I wanted to point out that he he literally screen snapped our header and button, and recycled it for his site.

His Header

AddThis Header

His Button (apparently he likes pink… hmmmm…)

AddThis Button

As you can see, I designed this way back in February, 2009.

Anyway, I was flattered. Well, back to work. We’ve got some innovative things coming soon, so I’m not worried. Hat tip: Foo

The website owner of Email-it.com has updated their header, shortly after my blog post. If you click on the comments, you’ll notice that he left me a couple of messages expressing how he felt offended by my post, and requested me to remove it. I respectfully declined, but promised to update the post with his updated header. He responded with some kind words, and was diplomatic.

As you can see, his new header looks much cleaner, and I like the design. I’m looking forward to his future designs, as we innovate the sharing space.

14 thoughts on “E-mailit.com copies AddThis to the pixel.

  1. it's a good sign. i'm flattered that there are a bunch of people who like our design versus our competitors. as they say, it's always better to lead than to follow.

  2. Hello. Yeah, hmm about the pink. First I advise you to put out the irony because you don't know me and start to talk like civilised people (excuse my bad english please). I have to admit that it was a quick solution to copy the header and the button to launch the site(I have already changed them I want you to know and I will make more changes too), so, don't flatter. There is no need to do it. Well done for your old and simple design, sorry for the copy but it was the first unpreperade template which came in my hands. Before your angry post you should contact with me first. You put your anger above. That is not right generally in our lifes. That is sad. I didn't blame you but it wasn't necessary to make all this fuzz.

  3. Inform me if you will or not remove your blog post. Consider that your design didn't worth the fuzz and very soon I was going to change it in my website. But you did saw it before my change. I remind you that generally your post and your language was very offensive to me and you have no any authority to do that. So, I suggest you to remove the post immediately. I already sent to this blog owner 2 messages and 2 posts and he didn't respond yet. Is this called superiority? Nice attitude. ''His Button (apparently he likes pink… hmmmm…)''. Take a look to his blog PINK header, PINK titles and PINK css text. In his forgetfoo there is a lot of PINK too. And the pink button was the problem?!! Where was the mistake for all this fuzz? For a header and a button? What a great issue we have here to talk about…! Don't you have better things to do than sabotage my service? If you still remain keeping this post up, and not remove it immediately, then we will all draw the conclusion that you are doing this deliberately. From my side I have already changed the current design. You must do the same. This is perhaps a sabotage for services which are competitors of addthis. I don't believe that addthis boss told you to do that unprofession move. You should contact with me first and end the issue asap. Prove the opposite and remove the unfair post for my service.

  4. man, i actually laughed read this guys reply… take the post down? seriously? give me a break – he's just coming off as mad because he got called out for ripping/copying/stealing instead of taking the time to do his own design.

    anywho, keeping it rolling jeff! 😉


  5. Hello Akis,

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and I welcome you to the conversation. I just saw your response today—I've been pretty busy, so I haven't had a chance to respond to you yet. I'd like to respond to your comments and explain my blog post in more detail.

    First, I'd like you to understand that while I design for AddThis by day, this is my personal blog. jeffwongdesign.blogspot.com is my domain, and represents my personal opinions, and do not represent the position of AddThis.

    Secondly, I'm not trying to sabotage your product, however, you should be careful of how you use artwork from the web. In general, I recommend that all designers and developers to check their design sources first before you copy. For legal reasons and respect for intellectual property, copying is frowned upon, whether you're borrowing images, text, etc.

    Lastly, I checked out your site, and I like your new template. Kudos—it looks very clean, and I honestly believe the aesthetics are better than your previous template.

    As for your request to remove the blog post, I will have to respectfully decline. However, I will make a compromise by updating the post with a screen shot of your new site, illustrating your updated design. Stay tuned.

    As a side note, Foo is a coworker, a friend, and we've worked on numerous projects together over the last two and a half years. While our styles are similar (yes, we both like pink), we have entirely different blogs. We strive very hard to innovate, and take a lot of pride in our work.

  6. Hello Jeff. You were very clear, respectfull and openmind. Generally, you are ok! You cover in a few lines all the right things. I will keep them in mind. Let's suppose that it was a quick move from me without thinking. That was a mistake. We are humans you know 🙂 Of course we must respect the hard and innovative work in our field. So, I stay tuned for your updated post. Please, I will appreciate if you inform me when you are ready. Thank you in advance.

  7. Akis, I've updated the blog post. Hopefully, this is satisfactory. I'm looking forward to your future design and innovation. You have a nice site and product, and hopefully my update communicates that.

    I'd be curious to see you create a button with our sharing API. If you're interested, it's possible we could mention your product with some positive words on our corporate blog, showing off how you've integrated the AddThis back end services to your design.

    You could innovate on the front end design, while AddThis helps power your sharing, and provide analytics. This could be an interesting opportunity.

  8. hi. I am going to post this twice in both of your posts (imitation-is, e-mailitcom-copies-addthis-to-pixel) so don't delete anything. of course this dude made a not successfull move but why you don't mention at all the howling similarity of the addthis-addtoany logotype and the similarity of the addthis-sharepost widget interface. why I wonder…! maybe you afraid to post something that it could be a threat for Micropat(addtoany) or Net Applications(sharepost) and kill the small ones!

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