Day 1, getting back into shape.

I used to be in shape about 2.5 years ago before I moved to DC. When I took on my job with a startup, I knew that I wouldn’t have time for to practice Jiujitsu. It was a sacrifice I was prepared for. It was worth it—the work I’ve been doing for Clearspring and AddThis is phenomenal, and I wouldn’t trade anything for it. Unfortunately, I’ve been eating unhealthy, and haven’t been working out consistently… and it’s time to change that.

Annie sent me a pic of me over IM tonight… this is a photo of me back when I was doing brazilian jiujitsu. I remember that evening, it was Yawen’s and Meiku’s party… and they had tons of pizza, and I remember declining. I’m not saying I was ripped, but I was in good shape, I ate healthy, and was I walking at 165lbs tournament ready. Anyway, this photo inspired me to hit the gym this evening, and start getting back in shape. I was planning to start BJJ again this month, but a series of unplanned events have occurred, which have delayed things. In the mean time my goal is to follow my old set of simple dieting rules:

1. No more junk food (chips, fast food, popcorn, chocolate, etc).
2. No more soda, period.
3. No more carbs or sugar after 7pm.

I’m hoping to carve out an hour each day for working out as well. This should put me on the right path. Let me know if you guys know any good BJJ schools around here that are relatively cheap or free? I’d really like to find a way to train again in the near future.