Understand social network trends with AddThis Service Directory 2.0.

Want to know how Facebook is doing versus Twitter? How about Instapaper vs Read It Later? Or Gmail versus YahooMail? We’ve revised the AddThis Service Directory. Now you can understand how people are sharing the world is sharing content with the AddThis platform. With over 650 million unique users per month, this Service Directory gives you a cross section of what’s trending up and down in the world of sharing.


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Kudos to the web team for standing this one up. This one is a personal baby of mine—it was a project I got to run with, design, and bring a lot of ideas to. Admittedly, I borrowed a lot of thinking from Google Finance when designing it. I wanted our data to feel precise, up-to-date, and unbiased. I also wanted to make the data a little more visual, by using spark lines to help compare services quickly and show trending. Originally we didn’t show downward trends… and I felt like this was only showing half the picture. I also wanted to bring in more ways of carving the data in interesting ways. I worked with Jim to design “comparing services”, which allows you to compare up to 3 services side by side.

Anyway, I’m really excited about the new service directory. I’m really impressed by what our team can do. As a unit, I feel like we can accomplish anything.

25 thoughts on “Understand social network trends with AddThis Service Directory 2.0.

  1. "I am also very impressed" I love the @addthis tool and would not know how to live without it now to be honest.


  2. Rachel, thanks for the positive comment! Would you mind if I used it as a testimonial for the AddThis site? Feel free to email me jeff (at) clearspring.com, or just drop me a line here.

  3. Jeff, this looks great man! Congrats to you and your team! It looks really clean and information dense, without being overwhelming. The inclusion of 'negative' information is very strong as well, it makes me trust the rest of the information that much more.

    Congrats again!

  4. I am just getting into social networking and realizing its benefits of being able to access such a large audience.

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  7. According to this Facebook is doing way better than Twitter, and I thought they would be much closer to each other, with celebrities using it all the time.

  8. Nice you can tell it was based on Google Finance though. But it doesn't matter – great work. I wish I has your creative ability.

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