Facebook Movie

I went with my coworkers to watch Social Network last night, and I’m pumped. The two things I felt were, 1) I wish I thought of Facebook, and 2) What’s the next big idea? It makes me want to go out there and design something special. I’ve been working on some stuff with AddThis and we’re in the laboratory brewing some new things. While I can’t talk about it all, I can say that I’m inspired and ready to hack.

There are big players sprouting up everywhere… I was telling my buddy Vinny about etsy.com last night, and he never heard of it. Etsy is a new york-based online store for handmade goods. They are now valued at $300 million, and they anticipate a billion dollar valuation by next year. They may not be a Facebook, but they are making hand over fist being super niche. Anyone else working on some big projects?

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