Designing for 1B People

My partner in crime, Jim Lane, is giving a presentation at Refresh DC on Tuesday, Nov 16 from 7 – 9PM, Located in Alexandria VA. The title of his speech is “Designing for One Billion People”, and it will focus on how AddThis has grown since its acquisition in 2008. Click here to learn more or attend this event.

Jim will be discussing how a small team grew AddThis into the largest sharing platform in the world, reaching over one billion people. Starting with a modest interface, the team has focused on reaching the widest possible audience by keeping design and branding simple, and putting users first. Because of the platform’s large scale, the team has been able to iteratively measure and test in order to direct design and development. In addition, the team has tackled interesting challenges in scaling the product and architecture to a multi-national audience, while maintaining an effective user-experience (and keeping our CFO happy.)

Who is Jim Lane?
Jim plays a huge role at AddThis, and is one of the best I’ve ever worked with. While most people may know him as a User Experience Designer, he is an outstanding product manager, project coordinator, and wears about 10 other hats. He is truly a catalyst amongst our designers, developers and executive team. To our team, he is a fierce comrade, leader, and friend.

So who’s coming to this event?
There’s a growing attendance list, and I put together a quick little spreadsheet so you can get a sneak peak. There’s going to be a nice mixture attending, so you’ll get to meet a ton of people (folks from OPower, AOL, Living Social, Washington Post, Viget Labs, and more.

The AddThis and Clearspring Team
A bunch of our team members will be there to hang out and meet everyone. Here are some people from our team: Charlie Reverte, Yuesong Wang, Justin Thorp, Will Meyer, Tabassum Jahangir and Stewart Allen. I suspect that more people will sign up as we get closer to the event deadline. Clearspring is hiring, so please come out if you’re interested in a position. Here are some jobs.

Ice Breakers
Jim’s super easy to approach and has a stellar sense of humor, but if you need some ammunition to break the ice, here are some things that he absolutely loves: Data, Search, Scotch, Swimming, Great danes, Dolphins, Purple, Nine Inch Nails, and Coffee.

Stalk Jim Lane:
There are many ways to stalk Jim, but if you’re not sure where to start…Search, Blog, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

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