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As I set up my living room, I’m looking to upgrade a couple of things. I recently purchased a Pioneer VSX-1121 receiver to connect all my devices and upgrade my sound.


Long story short, I bought a Pioneer Elite VSX-50 from Best Buy but found a better deal/model on Amazon. The VSX-1121 has more features, inputs, and puts out a better sound. You can see the difference between the two receivers. Foo gave me a little tip: The heavier the audio equipment, the better.

So now I’m in the market for new speakers. I’m currently interested in getting a couple of Orbs. From most of the reviews, this seems like the best solution for me—it’s a balance of sexy looks and sound. I’ll be watching 80% movies and listening to 20% music with my setup.


I’m not an audiophile, but some of my coworkers are… and one of them recommended a Bowers & Wilkins. From the looks of it, they’ll have superior sound… but I’m a little worried about the price. The 805’s are waaaaaaaaaay out of my price range… and honestly, I might not have the right environment to enjoy them.


Other friends have recommended Polk, Paradigm, etc. I’m not sure exactly which one to get yet, but I’d like something that puts out a great sound and doesn’t take up too much room.

Perhaps in the future, I’ll have a designated room like this, just for listening to music…


But until then, I’m going to need something that doesn’t break the bank.

Any recommendations?

5 thoughts on “Home Theater and Music

  1. You sure your sound needs to be that boss? I mean, your neighbors walking is keeping you up at night so unless you are planning on blasting her out are you ever really going to use all those amps?

    • Yah, I agree. I’m probably going to go with the smaller satellite speakers. Right now I’m debating between Orb Mod2’s or Def Tech ProCinema 800’s.

    • Update: I go the def techs and had them for the last couple of years… but I’ve finally upgraded to the B&W CM5s. I figured out how to deal with my neighbors—at night, I play some white noise. During the day, if they stomping around, I just turn the music up a little. I tone everything down after 8pm.

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