More Photos of Home

Looks like I got a bunch of comments on my my living room and new TV, so I figured I’d share a couple more pics of my home…

Next upgrades that I’ll need to do after I get a new roommate:
• New couch (either cinema seats or a corbu)
• Paint the kitchen eggshell blue
• New kitchen counter tops and sink
• New hanging lamp

What do you think?

3 thoughts on “More Photos of Home

    • What’s up boss! Long time!

      Yah, I’m going to be painting one of the bedrooms pink, as well as one of my bathrooms. Hah! It’s going to be pretty wild. 🙂

      What have you been up to man? Sorry I couldn’t catch up with you this past friday… I actually was working late—they’re keeping us pretty busy here. 🙂

  1. I dont understand the usability of those cooking appliances. Why do they always have the buttons on the backside in the US. That seems very ackward to me.

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