Skyrim, a second take.

I originally bought and immediately returned a copy of Skyrim when it first came out a few months ago. The reason why I returned it was because it was too buggy for the PS3, and the frame rate was terrible. You can read about it in my older post.

I bought it again for the Xbox360 recently, and found it to be excellent. It’s almost identical to Oblivion, except that it’s much more refined. Overall, the graphics are incredible. The landscapes are amazing and the overall gameplay is good. I’m glad I gave it a second chance.

What really makes the game is the music. The songs heighten the epic experience. Here are some songs from the game you might enjoy.

“Secunda”, Skyrim

“Steel on Steel”, Skyrim

“Far Horizons”, Skyrim

Check out the entire song list here.

3 thoughts on “Skyrim, a second take.

    • oh yeh, i totally forgot about that! hmmm… might need to look into it. i’ve finally got the daedric armor. i also finished the game as well as the mage and thieves guild. the game is such a time sink… but it’s beautiful.

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