We recently had a hackathon, and we played around with the idea of updating our data dashboard (“GB9000”). I had the chance to work with Steve D., Sol and Will on this project. I couldn’t really contribute much code, but I was able to help with some of the concepts and visualizations. Here’s a 3d model of what it’ll look like in our new office. You can compare this rendering to our current dashboard.


What’s really cool about this hack is that you can walk up to the dashboard and use voice or gestural commands to control it. One of the ideas we implemented was a video portal to our New York office, activated by a voice command.

You can also use hand gestures to control the interface. For example, you can swipe left/right to control the dashboard. It was really cool watching the guys hack the Xbox Kinect.

Huge kudos to our hackathon team. We won the people’s choice award. To see some of our previous hackathons.

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