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I’m really excited to announce that we’re officially moved into our new office. We’re still shifting things around and purchasing furniture, but the space is looking great… and so far, it’s been well received by our team.

I wanted to share some photos of the space, shot by my coworker Andy Tomasello. He’s taken some fine photos with his wide angle lens worth mentioning.

Office entrance. We’ll be picking up a couple barcelona chairs and a Breuer table soon for the waiting area.

Here’s a photo of the hallway from the entrance, transitioning to two conference rooms and the main pit.


This is one of our conference rooms. Our conference rooms are named after a robot theme: “Johnny 5”, “Soundwave”, “Voltron”, “R2-D2”, “Bender” and “T-1000”. Most rooms are equipped with a audio/video conferencing flatscreen and a projector.

When you enter the main pit, the first thing you’ll see is the GB9k, our data dashboard. There will be some couches there. Here’s a 3d rendering of what it might look like with furniture.


Here’s another angle of the pit. The aeron chairs just arrived, so they’re not in this photo. We’ll reshoot pics of the office once things start settling in. The concept of the pit is to keep things open and flexible. If you want to move your desk, you just pick it up and move it.


Our café area has turned out wonderful. I really think it’s the gem of our new office design. There are a bunch of stools and chairs that aren’t in these photos—Stewart and I just finished assembling them this weekend.




As part of the kitchen/café area, there’s a small buffet area… with sneeze guards. 🙂


Here’s a photo of Lorri and me giving our VA office a tour of the new space.


There will be more photos to come in the near future. It’s pretty amazing seeing people use the space. So far, the flow seems to work.

I’d like to thank a couple of folks that contributed to this project: Leslie, Jennifer, Will, Lorri, Bhavna, Foo and Robert. I believe that design is the sum of all the decisions made to make a product. The thinking that goes behind the scene culminates in this new office.. and I believe that these guys made it happen!

Stay tuned for more.

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  1. As much as the new office is ineluctably gorgeous, I have to ask: what lens was that? A 24mm? That wood flooring looks good enough to eat. Oy.

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