AddThis Reception Area

The office is starting to come together. With a couple Barcelona chairs and Breuer table, it’s looking sharp.


6 thoughts on “AddThis Reception Area

  1. Screen is to high for comfortable viewing and doesn’t look like it’s part of your weighting area. Area rug? Warmth?

    • yah, we’re talking about getting an area rug. it’ll add a little warmth and help with reducing the reverberation. 🙂

      the screen is a little too high. we’ll keep it there for now—when we have a little more time, we’ll come back to it and move it lower… or get a bigger TV if we have a good quarter.

      great feedback man. really appreciate it—we’re definitely thinking the same thing.

    • thanks, it’s starting to come together. we’re really happy with the direction. it’s a huge upgrade from our last office. yah, we’re really liking how the crosses came out. thanks for the compliment—i’ll pass the word on to our team. 🙂

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