Meetup CEO Doesn’t Use a Desk

While over the past few years, some people have started shifting over to a standing desk versus a sitting desk, a select few have opted to ditch their desks all together. Meetup CEO Scott Heiferman is one.

Heiferman doesn’t have a desk or a traditional private office. He works on his laptop or iPad in any available spot in the Meetup headquarters – a temporarily empty seat of another employee, or in the lounge area. He also spends a lot of time in meetings.

The one challenge about forgoing a desk is receiving any mail or messages, Heiferman’s team says. At one point, the staff arranged to have a cart for his mail that would follow him around the office, but that didn’t last. –Business Insider

I can agree with this. I like the idea of a nomadic CEO. Reminds me of some folks like Hooman and Fahad. There are huge benefits to this approach. CEO’s can have a more intimate pulse of what’s happening at ground level. I see Ramsey, our CEO at AddThis, doing this in the VA office as well. Thumbs up.

Hat tip: Justin

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