Roasted Pork Belly

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So Annie and I decided to try cooking this. It turned out pretty damn good, considering it was our first time. Much crispier and better flavored than what you get at the store.

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Annie did a nice dry rub on the bottom side. I cut small .25 slits into the meat to help with the flavor.

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While the instructions call for salt on top, I think I might have to go a little easier on it next time. While I love salt, it was a little on the over-seasoned side. Heh.

photo 5.JPG

The problem is that when you remove the salt, it gets all over the sides of the pork belly, which just soaks it up.

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So where do you get pork belly? We got it at Super H-Mart.

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Chinese crispy pork belly is surprisingly really easy to do. It’s one of my favorite dishes that I rarely get to eat.

A little tip: Try to find a pork belly that has less fat… otherwise, you’ll have to cut a bunch of it off. The leaner, the better.

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