7 Startup Lessons

If you can’t describe your company in five words to a five-year-old, you don’t yet understand what you are doing. I know because I have been there!

“We are a multi-platform peer-to-peer sharing community to blah blah blah…” Bullshit…my inner 5 year-old just got dizzy, fell asleep, or both in a row. –Pablo Fuentes

Really good article. The 7 things you should know.
1. Cross-10, 2. It’s Better to have 100 People Who Love You than 1 Million People Who Kinda Like You, 3. Ugly is Your Friend, 4. My Opinion Does Not Matter!, 5. The Free Beer Problem, 6. Too-Much-Shititis (TMS), 7. Five Words to a Five-Year-Old

Hat tip: Justin

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