My Desk + New iMac 27″

Imac 2

No more old slow ass laptop. It’s been replaced with a brand new iMac 27″. It’s got a Quadcore 3.5ghz i7 Processor, 16gb Ram and 500mb of SSD. This thing is FAST. It does a cold boot in 12 second. Launching Photoshop takes 2 seconds. Finally, at last, my prayers have been answered.

Geek bench

Here are some numbers from geek bench. While it doesn’t score ridiculously high, it definitely feels snappy. I am one happy designer right now. Sadly, it took me an entire day to manually migrate over my files… the Apple migration program failed. Oh well, sometimes it’s better to start from a completely clean slate.

Imac 1

Thanks AddThis for upgrading my computer. I’m really looking forward to crunching some serious design through this new machine.

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