Week 2 of Dieting

Yeh, I’m back on a diet. Going to try eating healthy. I tried a few years ago, but failed miserably. Fortunately, I was able to give up coke a year and a half ago.

Now it’s time to eat healthier and exercise more. I’ve been eating salads galore.


IMG 2807

IMG 2798

As well as seafood. Here’s a little salmon, potato and squash/zucchini.

IMG 2797

And last night, I had a little lobster, squash and salad.

IMG 2803

I definitely cheated when I went to dinner with Annie on sunday. I will note that I didn’t eat any of the biscuits, nor did I eat salad with dressing.

IMG 2800

Man, I used to be in such good shape. I just need to work my way back to it. Here’s a photo.

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