California Pt.1: Carmel River and Monterey Bay

DSC 0193

When Annie and I went to California, we took some photos and videos.

IMG 3528

Here are some of photos of Carmel River.

DSC 0202

This was my first beach in Cali, and the first thing we noticed was how incredible the scenery was.

DSC 0199

Notice the background. The mountains and water—at the time, we didn’t know that this would be the entire theme of our trip.

DSC 0208

Here’s a video of the water.

Monterey Bay was pretty impressive as well.

DSC 0237

The waves were pretty strong here.

DSC 0238

There were signs everywhere, warning people not to go into the water.

IMG 3534

As you can see, outward current could easily pull someone out.

The scenery was absolutely stunning. Since we wanted to see so many things, we hardly had time to really soak it all in. I’ll try to post a couple daily now that I’m settled back in.

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