California Pt.4: McWay Falls

DSC 0286

When Annie and I went to California, McWay Falls was at the top of the list.

DSC 0296

If you look closely, you’ll see a waterfall that flows into the ocean.

DSC 0299

The view from this park was pretty incredible, especially around sunset.

DSC 0303

I’m surprised we found it—we saw a bunch of people parked on the side of the road and figured we’d get out to check it out.

DSC 0304

California truly has everything.

DSC 0289

And here’s a pic of Annie with her mountain, waterfall, forest, beach, ocean and sunset.

2 thoughts on “California Pt.4: McWay Falls

  1. Correction! This was the place I was looking for specifically in the Big Sur area. I wanted to see McWay Falls!!!

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