California Pt.7: Pfeiffer Beach and the Purple Sand

DSC 0353

For $5, I’m not sure if this was the best beach I’ve been to… however, it was unique.

DSC 0354

Pfeiffer beach is known for its purple sand… but you really don’t notice anything except the strong gusts of wind.

DSC 0355

The combination of sand and salt water sprayed into your eyeballs was enough to make anyone turn around.

DSC 0362

But there were some cool things—there was this little cave, which supposedly turns gold when the sun sets.

DSC 0367

This was definitely was not a beach you’d just “hang” out at.

DSC 0370

It’s not until you walk a little further where you notice the purplish sand.

DSC 0373

And if you can get past being sand blasted with strong gusts of wind, it’s alright.

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