Test Drive: VW CC 2.0T

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Annie and I rented a Volkswagen CC 2.0 Turbo when we went to California. Surprisingly, this was cheaper than a Mini Cooper (as a rental)!

Given a choice, I’d rather own a BMW 328i or Mercedes C250; however, the VW CC 2.0T probably has the most refined engine and transmission for the money… and makes for a wonderful rental car.

2013 volkswagen cc 20t 20 liter turbocharged inline 4 engine photo 463559 s 1280x782


The specs say the VW CC 2.0T has 200hp / 207lb torque and 0-60 in 6.5s. I’m absolutely convinced that this car delivers 0-60 faster. When the turbos spool up, it feels way faster than Audi A5, BMW 328i and Mercedes Benz C250. That’s probably thanks to the DSG (dual clutch transmission). Shifts are instant and keep the turbos spooled when you need the power.

I’m actually astonished by how much power a turbocharged 4 cylinder can deliver when paired with a dual clutch transmission. I just wished they included paddle shifters on the damn thing. It’s 2014 guys!

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The brake pedal was as sensitive as all the other German cars I’ve driven. Overall handling was decent, but wasn’t nearly as refined as a BMW or Mercedes. I’d probably say the greatest flaw was the suspension setup. For whatever reason, the car took an extra bounce over bumps. Without proper dampening, I felt less confident around corners.

2012 Volkswagen CC 021


I’ve read some reviews about the back seats being cramped, but I think they’re fine for people under 5’10”. The front seats are spacious and comfy. Personally, I’d like my seats to have more bolstering around my body, but these seats were decent. We drove over 800 miles in a week, and there wasn’t too much fatigue.

CRR 2013 VW CC Sport Plus dashboard 2

I will note that the cabin is loud—for whatever reason, the noise transferred from the tires were way too loud. For that, the VW CC gets low marks.

In addition, the engine and exhaust noise were non-existent. I would have liked a little more of *that* kind of noise. It was hard to tell if I was revving the engine high unless I looked at the dashboard.

2014 Volkswagen CC Rear


I actually think the back of the car looks better than the front. That being said, the car is a little plain in the front. Considering how stylish the Audi’s are, I would have expected VW to push for a sportier style.

2013 volkswagen cc sport plus front three quarter in motion


For the price, the VW CC 2.0T is a decent sports sedan. What it lacks in styling, it makes up in its motor and transmission. I’m not sure if I’d personally want to own this car over an Audi, Benz or BMW, but for the price it’s a fair deal.

If you decide to get this car, get the dual clutch model. Also, you can stick with the 2.0 turbo—it’s plenty of power for the chassis.

I’d seriously consider buying this car if it came with flappy paddle shifters and a nicer front exterior… but at that point, the VW CC would essentially be an S4.

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